Scarred by a childhood tragedy, a young woman begins a journey into darkness.

To discover the truth, she must learn to harness a secret gift that allows her to manifest her thoughts into reality - but at the cost of giving up her most cherished memories.

During a summer trip to a family cabin in the woods, Claire's eight year old brother vanished without a trace.

He was never seen again.

Ten years later, driven by a desperate search and plagued by dark dreams, Claire is convinced that he is still there - waiting to be found.

Obsessed with finding out the truth about what really happened, she returns to the cabin with a steely determination to face the darkness and pick up the shattered pieces that she left behind.

But... she will not be alone, for something dwells within those god-forsaken woods...  It calls to her... beckoning her... "Come... home to us, Claire...", it whispers in the night.  She obeys, for the answers that she seeks are forever tied to a newly awakened power that will change the course of her life.

Part survival horror and part investigative mystery, The Long Way Home is a third-person story driven thriller currently in development by Hideaway Game Studios.


Players will take control of Claire on her quest for answers, and will learn to harness the powers of the dark entity that has attached itself to her.


We have, and will continue to pour our hearts and souls into creating an amazing experience for you to enjoy, and we hope that you'll join us on our quest to bring this haunting vision to life!